Video Production Process Unleashed

The process of creating a great video is quite detailed and complex. Here at SDI Media, we believe that quality is the most important thing when putting together videos for our clients. Here are the steps that we go through when creating our videos.

Pre-Production: This is when we plan the video. We’ll work with you to determine the type of content that you would like to see in the video, and then we choose our shooting locations, hire actors if necessary, and gather other materials that are necessary for the shoot. Then, we put together a specific script or plan for shooting the video.

Video Shoot: This is when we capture all of the footage that we need to create your clip. This is a very intensive process and can take several hours or even days to adequately capture enough high quality footage for the video. We don’t necessarily require our clients to attend their video shoot, but welcome and encourage it if it fits their schedule.

Animation and Graphic Creation: If any imagery other than video footage needs to be added to your clip, it is developed during this stage. We work with artists and other video professionals to create any graphics or animations that will later be edited into your video.

Audio Recording: If any audio needs to be dubbed over or added into the video after it is recorded, it is done during this stage.

Post-Production: This is when the video is edited to create the final product. This is the most complex stage of the process and takes the longest to complete. There are many sub-processes that go into the post-production stage, which include:

  • Visual editing: This is when the footage from the shoot is taken and edited to create the basic structure of the clip. Excess footage is taken out and transitions are added so that the video runs smoothly and conveys the appropriate message.
  • Audio editing: This is when we add in any audio that has been pre-recorded, or clean up the existing audio in the video to make sure that it sounds appropriate for the clip.
  • Language dubbing and translation: We offer specialized services in language dubbing, translation, and voice overs, so at this point we would add in any language related edits, such as subtitles and voice overs. An extra audio will have been recorded prior to the editing process.
  • Coloring and final touches: Once the video is nearing completion, we will put the final touches on it to make sure that it is of impeccable quality. We adjust the colors and lighting to make things bright, clean up transitions, and add in any other small details to make sure the video is the best quality that it can be.

These are the basic steps of our video production process. This process can be customized and tinkered with depending on the needs of each specific video. Our team is very versatile and are all trained in a variety of different video editing and production techniques to truly fit your vision.