Components of a High Quality Video

Video clips and advertisements are some of the best ways to promote your brand. Users find videos attractive and engaging, and best of all, they promote great brand recognition, something that is very important for a successful small business nowadays. However, in order for a video to reach this level of effectiveness, it must be of very high quality. Here’s what we always include in our videos to ensure that they are effective.

Initial Hook

The video must have something to get viewers interested within the first few seconds, otherwise they will just click away. What a good initial hook is for you depends on the type of video you are making and what kind of brand you are trying to promote, if anything. It could be great graphics, a little bit of mystery and intrigue, a recognizable face or character, or anything else that really draws the viewer in and lets them know that this video is worth watching.

Appealing Visuals

For a video to keep viewers hooked, it must be easy on the eyes. We always make sure that our visuals are of great quality with high quality film, good coloring, and subtle transitions. We also aim to use highly appealing locations to create innovative settings that really draw the viewer in. If your video is too dark, too light, or uses clunky video footage and transitions, consumers will look elsewhere very quickly.


Since a huge percentage of people now use smartphones to watch their videos, it is very important that your clip is mobile and tablet friendly. We format all of our videos to make sure they can easily be viewed on a smaller screen. We also keep our visuals appealing, but simple enough that everything can easily be seen and read on a smaller screen. Since we often work with language dubs and subtitles, this is very important to us.


Since our economy is so global nowadays, we believe it is incredibly important for videos to be accessible to people in many parts of the world. We offer specialized language services, such as video translation, voice-overs and dubbing, and subtitles. Although this isn’t absolutely essential, having versions of your video in a few different languages can make a big difference, particularly if your target audience is global.

Connect With Viewers

The average consumer now sees a huge amount of video content each day, so if the video feels phony or unoriginal, they’ll be unimpressed and skip to something else. At the heart of the clip, you should have something that viewers can relate to and that feels very timely. Maybe you reference current events or pop culture, or have a very authentic character or plot. Whatever you choose, it is very important that it really resonates. Before shooting our videos, particularly advertising videos, we make sure to test out the plots with potential audience members to get their reactions and make sure we have something worthwhile that will have the effect you desire.